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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 7, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PST

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for a store near you. good morning, america. travel ban battle. president trump's immigration crackdown just hours away from a courtroom showdown as the president levels a new attack on the media claiming contrary to overwhelming evidence that the press is covering up terror attacks. >> and in many cases the very, very dishonest press doesn't want to report it. >> plus, the breaking headline this morning about trump's cabinet picks. urgent manhunt. the race to find these two suspects accused of killing three people on a crime spree. now on the run crossing state lines. where police think the dangerous pair may be hiding out right now. britney spears' niece in critical condition after crashing in a pond. the off-road vehicle believed to be a gift from her mom jamie lynn. >> oh, my gosh! >> brittany now asking for wishes and prayers for the 8-year-old. was she too old to be behind the
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wheel? ♪ never going to give you up ♪ never going to let you down >> tom brady finally losing something. >> did someone take my jersey? >> the super bowl mvp's game jersey snatched right after the super bowl. >> if it shows up on ebay, someone let me know. >> police now on the hunt for the jersey that could be worth $500,000. ♪ never going to give you up never going to let you down ♪ ♪ never going to run around and desert you ♪ ♪ never going to make you cry >> i keep thinking of rick astley. never can go wrong starting a tuesday on that. welcome back, michael. >> thank you. it's good to be back. it's very good to be back. you know what, who else is back, the patriots back in boston getting ready for the big super bowl parade, going to be a great time up there and if you woke up in some parts of the country, probably saw this headline, may have thought the patriots had lost. that was right after tom brady threw an interception, looks defeated but if there's anything
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we learned about the game never give up. rick astley. >> like the shirt, like the jersey right there. >> exactly. sdp. we got a lot going on on capitol hill right now. let's take a look at the senate right now. democrats in the middle of a 24-hour push to stop betsy devos from becoming education secretary. that vote likely to come later today. >> overnight president trump blasting the press and pushing for his travel ban. the stakes for the white house very high today. a federal court hearing on the ban is set to begin later today so let's go right to abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. the white house is preparing for a legal showdown. that happens today. people here say that this ban needs to be reinstated because the nation's security is at risk. the president himself says the courts must act fast. president trump's controversial immigration crackdown takes center stage in a federal courtroom today. both sides given 30 minutes to make their case on that executive order restricting travel for refugees and citizens
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of seven muslim-majority countries. the president defending that ban. >> people that love us and want to love our country and will end up loving our country are allowed in. not people that want to destroy us and destroy our country. >> reporter: but while lawyers for the justice department told the ninth circuit court of appeals the ban is a lawful exercise of the president's authority, nearly 100 top tech companies to attorneys general from 15 states and the district of columbia all joining the legal fight opposing the president. but this morning, another controversy brewing. this claim made in front of u.s. central command troops that the media is covering up terror attacks. >> you've seen what happened in paris and nice, all over europe it's happening. it's gotten to a point where it's not even being reported and in many cases the very, very dishonest press doesn't want to report it. they have their reasons and you
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understand that. >> reporter: on air force one press secretary sean spicer pressed for evidence. >> we'll provide a list later. there's a lot of instances that have occurred where i don't think they've gotten the coverage it deserves. >> reporter: released overnight that list, 78 terror attacks the white house says were underreported. among them cases like a 2014 attack in abu dhabi. an american teacher stabbed to death but also that shooting in san bernardino that left 14 people dead. the pulse nightclub attack in orlando and that christmas market attack in germany, all high-profile cases covered by just about every major news outlet. and here is that list, a full six pages, many of these attacks covered heavily by the media. as for that ruling, it could come any time after these oral arguments wrap this afternoon. robin and george. >> cecilia, thanks. let's get more on this now from our chief global affairs anchor martha raddatz, chief legal
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analyst dan abrams. we got the list. it's kind of nonsense. there's dozens of attacks that were covered extensively by the press. others that aren't a terror attack or experts have said it's not a terror attack. even more chilling, the president delivering this in front of the military. >> in front of the military which is supposed to be nonpolitical but he gave a sort of stump speech in front of the military. and think about it, george, the press is embedded with the military and told their story again and again and one of the great ironies to me here when i hear president trump talk about the press and we're not covering this, he also talks about isis beheading people. james foley was the first person beheaded. he was a journalist. >> you see a pattern here. the judge rules against the president. he's a so-called judge. polls are bad. they're fake. they're fake news. clearly an effort here to delegitimize those who might be a check on the president. >> it almost seems like the strategy, don't believe those people no matter what they say,
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and this time he's not only saying don't believe them, he's telling us how to do our job. >> in that o'reilly interview we saw another instance last night of the president seeming to take the running line on what's going on in ukraine suggesting that maybe putin is not behind the separatists who are moving into eastern ukraine. >> some more extraordinary comments. he really hasn't said anything bad about russia or about putin in any great degree. he keeps, in a way, defending them. so, that is something we have to watch. to me they're trying to i say renovate foreign policy. they've taken this beautiful historical house and they want to take it down to the studs. they're doing everything over. >> okay, martha raddatz. >> and also continuing to be a headline, of course, is the travel ban and the ninth circuit court of appeals. we're going to have that today. it could be a little confusing, tell us what's at stake. >> so, all we're talking about for now is this temporary restraining order. this temporary halt on implementing the ban. but as we've talked about before, that doesn't mean this isn't really important and here's why. because right now a federal district court judge has said
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i'm not letting the administration implement this. ninth circuit court of appeals the next court up, is now going to assess that ruling. some will say, so what, they'll end up in the supreme court. maybe, but maybe not. the bottom line is if the ninth circuit agrees with the district court judge and says, the administration cannot move forward with this, the u.s. supreme court very well may say at least for now we're not going to hear this. we're not going to hear the question about should the temporary restraining order be in place. if that happens, that means that the administration cannot move forward with the order. at least for now. and that's a big delay for them and a big setback. >> so a lot on the line. >> absolutely. >> you believe also that the president's tweets could have an impact on the case. >> you know, one of the legal questions is what was the intent of the order? and when you look at the president's tweets, he states what the intent of the order is. do i think it will be dispositive what he said in
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those tweets, no. do i think it's going to be helpful to trump, absolutely not. >> all right, dan, thank you. let's move on now to that showdown on capitol hill. democrats have kept the senate open all through the night in their bid to block president trump's pick for education secretary, betsy devos. our congressional correspondent mary bruce is there. i want to get to that vote on devos coming later today but there's also breaking news about trump's pick for labor secretary. he admitted to employing an undocumented immigrant. >> reporter: yeah, george, this is the kind of thing that's derailed nominees in the past. andrew puzner, trump's pick for labor secretary, admitting he employed an undocumented worker for years. now, he says he immediately ended his housekeeper's employment when he learned she was not permitted to work in the u.s. and says he's paid all those necessary back taxes. but puzder is already under fire for criticizing worker protections and his confirmation hearing has been rescheduled several times. perhaps a sign his nomination could be in trouble. >> democrats trying to hard to stop betsy devos, but that vote is coming later today. she's likely to get through?
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>> reporter: yeah. this is a 24-hour marathon hail mary. democrats making a last-ditch attempt to try and block betsy devos. they've been here on the senate floor talking all night long, voicing their concerns about her lack of experience. they're hoping to convince just one more republican to oppose her. that's all it would take to sink her confirmation. but this morning it does not seem to be working. devos still headed for confirmation. >> if they don't find that other republican, then the vice president is going to be called in. this is something that's never happened before. >> reporter: this is something we have never seen before. the vice president, mike pence, is likely headed here to the capitol later today to use his tie-breaking power to push devos over the finish line. the first time a vice president has used that power to confirm a cabinet nominee. >> okay, mary bruce, thanks very much. george, president trump is also facing backlash in the uk for recent policy decisions. and now a call to keep him from addressing parliament on an upcoming state visit. our chief foreign correspondent terry moran is in london with much more.
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good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, robin. high political drama here at the palace of westminster, the home of the british parliament. shows just how controversial president trump is here in this country. one of america's closest allies. so this is what happened. the speaker of the house of commons, john bercow, supposed to be strictly nonpartisan, stood up from his chair at the head of the house and he declared that he personally would block any invitation for president trump to come to westminster hall here and give a speech to the british parliament. >> i would not wish to issue an invitation to president trump to speak in the royal gallery. our opposition to racism and to sexism and our support for equality before the law and an independent judiciary are hugely important considerations in the house of commons.
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>> reporter: that's just astonishing. you got to understand, speakers here aren't supposed to do that. they're the guys who yell order, order and rule on the motions in the house. people are saying that 800 years of this parliament, no speaker has ever done anything quite like that. >> so, terry, what has been the reaction of everybody over there? >> reporter: well, the reaction ranges from patriotic pride, he's getting cheers from people who say he's standing up for british values, to fury, people really angry at him and say he's gone way out of his lane and showboating and may be damaging the relationship, the crucial alliance between britain and the u.s. it just shows, robin, that right across europe, president trump is really stirring a lot of controversy. >> that is apparent. all right, terry, thanks so much. michael. >> all right, thank you, robin. now to breaking news about the flu which is so widespread some hospitals are reportedly running out of beds. and dr. besser is here to talk about this with me. the flu season has been deadly this year. >> yeah. >> what areas have been the hardest hit? >> it's many regions of the
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country. take a look at this map. if you look here in the northeast high levels of flu, down in the south and in the midwest, but even out in california which isn't letting up as much they're saying that some hospitals are running out of beds. >> but what makes this strain so dangerous from strains in the past? >> so each year there are different flu strains that go around. the one this year is called h3n2 and whenever it is an h3n2 year it tends to be much severe. the cdc has received 15 reports of deaths in children so far, but we have another six to eight weeks of flu coming and i expect the number of deaths to go up so it's not too late to get that vaccine. >> we still have another six to eight weeks. we still have time to go. it's not too late. still time to get the shot. >> definitely. it can take a couple of weeks to be fully active in your body but i would recommend if you haven't gotten it or your kids haven't gotten it, go ahead and get it. >> all right, thank you, doc. >> george, back to you. >> thank you, michael. we move on to that wild weather slamming the center of the country, 23 states under winter weather alerts. ginger is tracking it. >> we are tracking that southern
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part of the storm where the lightning, you can see images there, severe storms blowing through parts of arkansas and tennessee this morning. damaging wind, the main threat this morning, and this threat is going to go through the late morning and early afternoon. so it's already happening now as we see on the map. lots of lightning strikes across the midsouth and the severe threat stretches from parts of cincinnati, southern ohio right down through a tornado threat in parts of mississippi and alabama today. this before the northeast does a -- to a really cold whiplash, so close to 60 in new york city on wednesday. by thursday, 30 with snow, robin. >> oh, my gosh, stay tuned, right ginger? >> you got to pay attention of the you don't want to wake up and say, wait a minute. >> exactly. thank you, ginger. now to an urgent manhunt in florida for two suspects on the run who may be linked to three murders across the south. the pair is considered armed and dangerous. abc's linsey davis is here with new details on that. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. police say they do not believe that monday's attack will be the last. residents in several communities
7:14 am
in the florida panhandle are now on high alert. police are doubling the number of officers on the street in a desperate attempt to catch the suspects. this morning, authorities in florida are escalating the search for this dangerous duo, william boyette and mary craig rice, after an alleged crime spree spanning two states that left three women dead and one critically injured. >> what we are experiencing is a running nightmare, quite honestly. >> reporter: the alleged crime spree began last tuesday when 30-year-old alicia greer and 39-year-old jacqueline jeanette moore were found murdered in a hotel in milton, florida. greer, a mother of three was in an abusive relationship with boyette according to her father. >> he choked her down to the ground and kicked her in the face. >> reporter: but authorities say none of the other victims had any connection to boyette. >> every once in a while we have an individual like this that, quite honestly, it's hard to get inside their head. >> reporter: the pair's next attack friday morning in lillian, alabama, where authorities say they murdered 52-year-old peggy broz in her
7:15 am
front yard and then fled in her car. their latest attack, kaley crocker in pensacola was left in critical condition, her 2-year-old son was uninjured. authorities searching for the suspects say they may be hiding out in the woods and that rice has dyed her hair orange to avoid detection. >> we know that boyette and rice have been in that wooded area. >> reporter: police say boyette is a heavy user of the synthetic drug spice and that he has reportedly said to many people that he will not be taken alive. michael. >> thank you, linsey. as we told you earlier the super bowl champion new england patriots, they're back in boston after their big come from behind win but one thing missing that was left behind, superstar quarterback tom brady's game jersey, and gio benitez is in boston with the latest on that. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning to you. we are hours away from that big victory parade. in fact, fans will be packing in right behind me here but right now this morning there is a big headline making news, where is that jersey. the internet has given it a
7:16 am
name, jerseygate. >> i put it in my bag. i absolutely 100% put it in my bag. >> reporter: with a fifth super bowl ring now in his possession, this morning houston police, nfl security, state police and local law enforcement officials are all joining forces trying to help four-time mvp tom brady locate another accessory. >> did someone take my jersey? >> reporter: number 12 seen rifling through his equipment bag -- >> brady has his fifth! >> reporter: -- moments after that record-breaking game. >> i put it in here, man. it was just -- >> reporter: the jersey nowhere to be seen. >> want a cigar, tommy? >> you gotta look online. >> reporter: they say his shirt and pads were removed from the field before the trophy ceremony, an equipment manager initially thinking he had safely locked them up but apparently not the case. >> the jersey, yeah, put it in my bag and then i came out and it wasn't there anymore.
7:17 am
>> reporter: the state's lieutenant governor even calling on the texas rangers for help. so, what's the big deal? well, some experts say the jersey could be bring in $500,000 but others say -- >> it basically has zero value. anyone that sees this jersey is going to know that's the stolen jersey. the only thing they can do is send it in an unmarked envelope and return it to boston and say, sorry. >> reporter: but the qb knows there are more important things in life, posting these pics of his family after the game paying tribute to his mom who patriots owner robert kraft says has been going through chemotherapy and radiation. >> she's been through a lot. way harder than what i went through last night. way harder than what our team went through last night. she hadn't been to a game all year so what a hell of a game for her to be at. >> reporter: and we should tell you brady says his mother's prognosis is good. but she is still fighting and we certainly hope she gets better. meanwhile, remember, the lieutenant governor enlisted the help of the texas rangers
7:18 am
to help find that jersey. the other texas rangers responded, the baseball team. they sent out this tweet, this is a bit out of our job description, but we'll see what we can do. guys, back to you. >> got a little mixed up with the rangers. >> a lot goes on in the locker room. >> so much chaos especially after a game like that. you don't know who is in and out. there are no cameras in there. very easy to tuck a jersey in a backpack. under your coat. who knows. >> who knows. >> what do we know about the weather for this big parade? >> you saw gio standing there. he was dry. that is not going to be the case for the parade. it doesn't look great. the rain moving in and actually snow. we have winter weather advisories that stretch from new england back through even north dakota. some of the freezing rain advisories start in connecticut and go to the north and east, not going to be a pretty late morning, early afternoon but very much like boston is used to. we stopped it right there just as the parade is kind of coming to an end. 11:00 a.m. to 12:00, rain to
7:19 am
snow with a little breeze. good morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nico. look at the wind whipped rain at the bay bridge toll plaza. we've had gusted up to 50 miles per hour. another storm for thursday and friday. not as strong. the storm is still three on our impact scale. flooding in the north bay and rock slides in the santa cruz mountains. still, moderate to high for the rest of us.
7:20 am
my accuw coming up, new questions about that big break in the jogging murder case. could the suspect still go free despite a dna match? and britney spears' niece in critical condition after an accident. she crashed in an off-road vehicle. we have new details about what happened this morning. best-selling brand? ome ameris you make it detect what they don't. stop, stop, stop! sorry. you make it sense what's coming. watch, watch, watch! mom. relax! i'm relaxed. you make it for 16-year olds... whoa-whoa-whoa!!! and the parents who worry about them. you saw him, right? going further to help make drivers, better drivers. don't freak out on me. that's ford. and that's how you become america's best-selling brand. ♪ i do believe that ♪ something good is happening, yeah ♪ ♪ i do believe, i do believe [ male announcer ] rethink the power of the oat.
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good morning, we do have that breaking news in the north bay where authorities have activated the siren warning system in fairfax. that means flash flooding is occurring. everyone in the affected areas are being warned to evacuate to higher ground. flash flood warnings going off in fairfax. go to higher ground. we're sending push alerts on our abc 7 news app. we're tracking a very slow and dangerous morning commute. >> we are up to 124 incidents on the chp log. obviously this is just a terrible morning out there. if you can avoid getting in your vehicle and getting into the mess i highly recommend that. still have the sig alert. it will be a couple hours still.
7:24 am
eastbound 280 where we have the flipped ceremosemi. 45 to 50 miles per hour. high profile vehicles are advised to take other routes. we have high wind for the other bridges. here's a look at the richmond side of the bay bridge. a tough commute with the the wind b.a.r.t. looking like a great alternative. we have not had any delays reported for b.a.r.t. this morning. we have power outages for muno today. a lot of the san francisco bay ferry trips are being canceled. again, that is just due to the tough conditions on the bay. >> thank you, alexis, mike
7:25 am
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give you some more information on the flash flood warning. you can see it right behind me here. this is because flooding is already occurring in fairfax creek and is imminent in mill valley e. we have a new warning through 1:15. this is because we are getting storm gauge reports of flash flooding is already occurring or is imminent in many areas in the napa valley. seek higher elevation there. we have a flash flood warning in sonoma. this goes until 12:00. this is because we're seeing sonoma creek at kentwood. flash flooding 121 and highway 12 covered in water. we have a flash flood warning from petaluma all the way up to subasble. this runs until 2:15 for lower laguna, santa rosa, especially in the petaluma area. seek higher shelter in all those
7:28 am
areas. north bay and the santa cruz mountains will have the greatest amount of hydroplaning and trees down. the rest of us have moderate amounts of that moving forward. >> continue to look at our news app and we'll update you in 30 minutes and as news warrants we'll break in if we need to. join us every weekend morning from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. the news continues right now with good morning america. please be safe out there today. ♪ heigh ho! ♪ heigh ho! ♪ heigh ho! heigh ho! it's off to work we go ♪
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for four shades visibly whiter teeth. the designer smile... colgate optic white high impact white. it might be time to say good-bye. it might be time to say good-bye. i wish nothing but the best for you. >> i'm sorry and i hope i'm not screwing this all up. >> all right, welcome back to "gma" and that's from "the bachelor" last night, nick viall sending home six women total. >> six. >> yeah, in a bombshell episode and coming up in our next hour he's here live. and get ready because he has three guests who are waiting to surprise him. >> stressful night. >> that's a stressful night. a stressful day because he doesn't know who the guests are. >> that's true. >> that's coming up. also right now, battle over president trump's travel ban. federal court preparing to are a hearing later today to decide whether they should reinstate trump's executive order. it could head to the supreme court. and a showdown under way in
7:31 am
capitol hill over betsy devos. democratic senators in the middle of a 24-hour push to keep her from getting confirmed. votes will happen around noon eastern. we'll begin this half hour with new questions about that big break in the new york jogger case where a woman was killed on a run. a 20-year-old suspect is now in custody but there are questions about how authorities tracked him down. abc's mara schiavocampo is here with all the details. good morning, mara. >> reporter: robin, good morning. police say the victim helped lead them to the suspect putting up a vicious fight and capturing important dna in the process. now police believe they have their man, a seemingly unlikely suspect with no record, and for the first time we're seeing the detective that broke this case. this morning, new details about how police caught a suspected killer. >> why did you kill her? >> reporter: 20-year-old chanel lewis arrested saturday and charged with second degree murder for allegedly beating and strangling jogger karina vetrano in august. the 30-year-old last seen in this crime watch daily
7:32 am
surveillance video just moments before her death. >> this case is very similar to a needle in a haystack. >> reporter: police say they chased 250 tips and analyzed more than 600 dna samples but more than six months after the crime, still nothing. then a hunch. lt. john russo remembering a suspicious person he'd seen in the area. pouring over old complaints they found a single 911 call about the same man made in the spring. once they had his name, they discovered three citations, all tying lewis to that area. >> these things take time. difficult cases but you don't stop. there's a resilience here and vigilance here every day and that's what solved the case. >> reporter: police tracking lewis to his mother's house where he lived 3 1/2 miles from the crime scene. when they visited him there, police say he voluntarily gave them a dna sample, a cheek swab, which they say turned out to be a match. lewis later reportedly confessing, saying on the day of
7:33 am
the attack he left home angry about something that happened with his family, wandered into the park, and when he saw vetrano, he, quote, lost it, violently lashing out, an apparently random attack. >> demon! he's a demon! >> reporter: at the arraignment, vetrano's family shouting angrily at the suspect. >> now we're learning more about lewis. he had no prior arrests and went to a school for students with special needs. and this morning, his family saying he's being set up because he's black. >> the cops frame him. he is not a killer. he is not a violent person. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news lewis' attorney says we caution everyone not to rush to immediate judgment. mr. lewis is entitled to fairness and due process. lewis has not yet entered a plea. police say vetrano was also sexually assaulted, but lewis has not been charged with that. that is going before a grand jury. robin? >> it is, mara. thank you. for more let's bring in sunny losten, our senior legal correspondent.
7:34 am
so, you're a former prosecutor. >> yeah. >> when you first heard about this arrest, what did you think? you spent a lot of time in looking into this. >> yeah, i mean i was thrilled for the victim's family. i think as a former law enforcement officer, you always are. but the profile was odd to me. someone with no prior arrest, no history of violence. didn't know the victim beforehand. it really would be like finding a needle in a haystack. it just didn't quite make sense. i was surprised by the arrest. >> the suspect voluntarily gave a dna sample. supposedly two taped confessions but you say this could be potentially a problem with those. >> i'm troubled by that especially given his background. a special needs student. again, someone without a prior criminal history, no attorney present. no guardian present. the voluntariness of those actions is going to be immediately at issue and without the dna, without the confessions, no case and so i think we have to think about protecting the integrity of the system and i'm, again, a little bit unclear as to whether or not
7:35 am
those pieces of evidence are going to come in. >> why did they allow the perp walk like that? >> we were talking about this before. i did not allow those in my cases. i think it makes it very difficult for the prosecution because what if you have the wrong guy? you're innocent until proven guilty. you also poison the well for the potential jurors. everybody sees this guy in handcuffs. if that is not the guy, you've compromised your jury system and you've compromised your case. >> it's no surprise that the family is saying, look, this is not our kid. he is just -- of course you would expect a family to say that. and they brought in the racial implications. how do you evaluate statements like that when you're investigating? >> listen, families always say that oh, my goodness, my kid could never do this but we are talking about howard beach here, a history of racial animus, only 1% african-american. this suspect didn't live in the area and so it sort of reminds
7:36 am
me of the central park five, and reminds me of "making a murderer", so we have to not rush to judgment here. >> let's hope we don't do that. if they do, i know the family, they want to make sure they have the right person. >> absolutely. >> everybody does. sunny, see you on "the view" today. >> thank you. coming up, robin, new concerns about off-road vehicles after britney spears' niece is hospitalized. and prince william's powerful words about when to admit you feel overwhelmed. the speech getting a lot of reaction this morning. to admit you feel overwhelmed. the speech getting a lot of reaction this morning. (vo) maybe it was here, when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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we are back with those new concerns about off-road vehicles after britney spears' 8-year we are back with those new concerns about off-road vehicles after britney spears' 8-year-old niece was seriously injured in an accident. she is now in critical condition. linzie here with the story. good morning, linzie. >> good morning, george. off-road vehicles are incredibly popular in america with hundreds of thousands sold every year. but safety experts say this accident is yet another example of how dangerous they can be. this morning, britney spears is asking for wishes and prayers for her 8-year-old niece maddie aldridge. police say aldridge, the
7:39 am
daughter of jamie lynn spears, is in critical but stable condition after getting into an accident in an off-road video, believed to be the one in this video, given to her on her 7th birthday. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: local authorities say she was driving alone when it flipped over and became submerged on a pond on the family's louisiana proper and say within seconds her mother jamie lynn, stepfather and other family members jumped in the water to rescue her, but she was trapped by a seatbelt and the vehicle's safety netting. ambulance workers arrived within two minutes freeing the little girl and rushing her to the hospital. a spears family representative tells abc news the family appreciates all the prayers and support for their family. aldridge is believed to have been in a polaris off-road vehicle like this one, an rzr-170. the instruction manual reads never allow a child under the age of 10 to operate or ride as a passenger in this vehicle. but it also goes on to say it is up to the parent to make the final determination.
7:40 am
a spokesperson for polaris told abc news we do not want to speculate about the accident and what vehicle could have been involved. safety experts say these vehicles can still be dangerous. >> the danger of a child driving in an off-highway vehicle is that they don't have the experience to handle these vehicles and sometimes the vehicles are very heavy and difficult to control. >> reporter: in 2015 alone, there were over 350 off-road vehicle fatalities. six-time olympic gold medallist swimmer, amy van dyken-rouen, severed her spine in a 2014 accident on an atv. another popular type of off-road vehicle. >> my doctor said i'm giving you an 80% chance to live. i need you to say good-bye to your husband. >> reporter: she says laws are needed to keep people safe. well, the off-highway vehicle and atv industries have voluntary standards which the consumer product safety commission say are too weak. if you're going to operate any
7:41 am
of these vehicles, safety experts say take a training course first, and safety experts say a child should never operate an adult atv. >> that makes sense. okay, linzie, thanks very much. to michael. coming up on our big board, new hospital or safety concerns after a woman fakes her way into an operating room. and david beckham backlash. the leaked e-mails causing him a major headache. we'll talk about those things when we come back in two minutes. minutes. eyes open? say hi to xiidra, lifitegrast ophthalmic solution. the first eye drop approved for the signs and symptoms of dry eye. one drop in each eye, twice a day. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and an unusual taste sensation. do not touch the container tip to your eye or any surface. remove contacts before using xiidra and wait for at least 15 minutes before reinserting them. if you have dry eyes, ask your doctor about xiidra.
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this piece is so you. i saw it and i was just like "oh, i have to have it..." state farm knows that every one those moments, there's one of these... this piece is so you. i saw it and i was just like "i have to have it..." from renters insurance... rewards credit cards, state farm is here to help life go right. you know you missed the big board when you were in houston. you know you missed the big board when you were in houston. >> i missed all of you. >> we missed you but the big board is back and so is dr. jen ashton at the table with us for our first story and it's very interesting because we're going to start with hospital safety concerns after a woman allegedly pretending to be a doctor in training faked her way into boston's brigham and women's hospital following doctors on patient rounds and even into the o.r. you have been in an operating room, of course. >> yep. >> tell us a little bit about
7:44 am
how this could possibly happen. >> if i take you inside let's say a typical floor plan of a surgical suite or operating room, think of it like a labyrinth. there's outer layers, there's inner layers. typically if you look at the green as the o.r., there are multiple security checkpoints if you will marked in red where we have to show our i.d., flash it against a card tron in order to get in but we kind of assume if you're in the o.r., that you have a right to be there. i've seen this happen, not often but trust me, if it can happen at the brigham which is one of the best hospitals in the country, it can happen anywhere. >> this woman has not been charged by police. >> right. >> but she's also not the first person to trail these students or doctors into the o.r. you've seen this before, right? >> i actually hadn't heard of this practice. it's this practice of tailgating where the first person in a long line that gets to that card tron swipes his or her badge and then holds the door open for the people behind us. this challenges our basic manners, right. you don't slam a door for the
7:45 am
person behind you. you hold it open and also challenges our habits. are we going to turn around and say i'm sorry, can i see your i.d.? i have been asked by my i.d. badge in my hospital and i've been on staff for 12 years but does it happen all the time when someone is holding a door, probably not. >> even when you're tailgating at a game, if somebody is eating, they belong there. >> i know you would take it back to that kind of tailgate. >> sorry. >> there's some people that hear this and go, okay, but they're a little concerned. can you ease their concerns? >> 100% and i think this case really speaks to that. there were multiple people at the brigham who noticed this woman, thought something looked odd and reported her. it speaks to the vigilance of nurses and doctors, if we see something out of place we'll speak up. >> that's right. >> thank you, doc. next up, david beckham is facing backlash after leaked e-mails show the retired soccer star was upset about not being knighted by the queen. nick watt is joining us now, and nick, fill us in on the details, my man.
7:46 am
>> reporter: well, michael, in a series of hacked e-mails between beckham and his pr agent, it seems he is just desperate to be sir david and was livid when the committee turned him down over a legal but frowned upon tax efficiency issue. unappreciative blanks, that's a blank for a swear word, beckham called him in one e-mail written on a gold plated laptop we just discovered he owned. some are suggesting that beckham does charity work largely to get the knighthood. he represents unicef but was allegedly furious when someone suggested he also donate cash. apparently writing, the blanking money is mine. >> so what is beckham and his team saying about the release of these e-mails? >> reporter: unicef is standing by their man saying he did actually give his own cash and team beckham is saying, he was, indeed, extremely disappointed not to be dubbed sir dave, but
7:47 am
that some swear words were inserted into those hacked e-mails. they're saying quotes were taken out of context and that it's all a few years ago anyway. the e-mails were hacked in 2015, someone tried to blackmail beckham over a million bucks not to leak them. he refused. won a court order. they were published anyway in europe. >> and he has a really good image around the world and that's helped him rake in a lot of money with endorsements. do you think this could hurt his endorsements? >> reporter: i mean, brand beckham is based on his looks and based on the fact that he gets better looking as he gets older but mostly on his mr. nice guy image and now that is a little shaken. he's got a lot to lose. he is the second highest earned retired athlete in the planet behind michael jordan, 65 million bucks last year. >> you said michael jordan, not michael strahan. michael jordan. >> i'm a working stiff over here. don't put me in that -- 65. i may take one off-season and retire after that.
7:48 am
we have flying cars that we're going to talk about now and the future. uber making a big push to develop them, recently hiring a former nasa engineer. becky worley is at the -- aviation museum in san francisco. becky, we've been waiting for flying cars for decades, but it seems like the closest we've come, well, is this. ♪ ♪ meet george jetson >> come on. you at home you were thinking it too. you were thinking "the jetsons" as well. so tell us a little bit more here, becky. >> yeah, we've been talking about flying cars since the '50s. i'm on the hiller flying platform as you said here at the hiller aviation museum. i'm taking off for work. never happened. but uber is making this seem realistic. computer technology, gps and money. they are rolling in it. they've created the uber elevate project. they've hired mark moore away
7:49 am
from nasa. they see hell aports along busy commute routes sort of like from san francisco to san jose, that commute normally an hour and a half. they say they can do it in 15 minutes in an air taxi and get this, it'll cost $129 they estimate. that's just $18 more than a regular uber would. i mean it's not bus fare but, geez, a flying car. >> oh, wow. a chinese company recently unveiled a drone that could carry a person and fly on its own obviously. how does this uber program compare to that? >> reporter: yeah, that's one person, personal aircraft. uber sees this much more like their traditional ubers where you've got a pilot and then one to three passengers. they're not the only ones talking about this either. google's larry page is supposedly bankrolling two flying car startups and we told you last week about tesla going underground with tunnels. so when uber goes high, elon
7:50 am
musk goes low, guys. >> so are you in? is this something you would do? take a flight? >> no, not yet. >> not yet. nick, how about you, nick? >> never, never, never, never. >> all right, that's two votes. >> no, i have a hard enough time on land. >> if the technology is worked out i'd give it a try. >> see there. >> why not? >> okay, i'll be with you. >> i won't be the guinea pig but i'll try it later on. >> thanks to all of you. coming up we are going to take a look at this otter that is enjoying record know in yellowstone national park. ginger has that next. wee! lady gaga's secrets to getting into super bowl shape. the moves that you can try there at home. ♪ reas of your brain can make it hard to lose weight? contrave is an fda-approved weight-loss medicine that may help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... (woman) i'm so hungry. (avo) to reduce hunger. and your reward system... (woman) ice cream.
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america" we just had to share this video. this is how i'm slipping into tuesday, just like this otter. actually, i wish i had whatever he had for breakfast. he did this for an hour, the photographer that took that said the record snow we were talking about happened in seattle. so they have now had their snowiest february on record in seattle. they're skiing through the streets there and this morning a lot of rain in california. all right. this segment brought to you by las vegas. your local news and weather next. gas. your local news
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by zales. celebrate your lasting love with gifts from zales, the diamond store.
7:56 am
good morning, important information from mike nicco who is tracking a flash flood warning in the north bay. where exactly? >> first one is marin county. the fire department sounded the sirens, flash flooding sirens because fairfax town hall had three to four inches of water. it was already flooding. seek higher ground immediately in raffulate. we have a flash flood warning for the san lorenzo river, especially new felten. it's starting to push out of its banks. we have two other flash flood warnings for napa, just about the entire valley till 1:15.
7:57 am
same thing in sonoma. flood warning for -- until about noon. one last one for mainly around petaluma. that's until 2:15. here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see the heaviest of the wet weather is across the santa cruz mountains and sliding east into the central valley where it's turning into a thunderstorm. it's going to take a couple more hours for this water to run off. there could be more flooding coming. alex as? >> as you can imagine this is translating to a tough commute this morning. i want to give you an update on our sig alert on the eastbound side of the richmond san raphael bridge. they are trying to up roiight a flipped big rig. high wind advisory in effect no more empty trailers allowed to cross the bridge. high wind advisory for bay bridge. drive times, i'll having a hard
7:58 am
time finding any that's not in the red. tracy to dublin 52. dublin to mission boulevard 39. 101 to couper tuupertino 52 min. b.a.r.t. on a weather delay. almost all ferry trips are being canceled as well due to the tough conditions. >> obviously, this is going to be a long day for a lot of you. getting to and from work. we'll update you in 30 minutes on the flash flood warnings mike just outlined. we'll send you breaking news on our abc news app. sign up for push alerts to get that. the news continues with good morning america. wow, look at those big waves in santa cruz. ♪
7:59 am
the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places.
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. travel ban battle. the courtroom showdown today over president trump's immigration crackdown, the hearing in just a few hours and the latest on the president's cabinet picks. loyal mission. prince william gets very personal speaking out overnight about mental health. the importance of admitting you're overwhelmed at work and at home and how he copes. 63 and fabulous. christie brinkley returns to the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue with her two daughters right beside her. what she's revealing about why she did it and how her daughters helped get her back in her bikini. bachelor bombshell. one of the most dramatic episodes in franchise history. nick saying good-bye to not one, not two, but three women with no
8:01 am
warning, no rose ceremony revealing he doesn't know if he can go on looking for love. and he's saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ you have more of those roses. i'm sure it can be arranged. >> no problem. >> no problem. good morning, america. good morning to everyone here. good morning to nick viall, as well. he is handing out those roses to our audience. this morning he thinks he's here live -- he can't hear us right now. he thinks he's here live to talk about last night's twist. but we have a surprise for him. he has no idea who we have waiting for him right here. you all do in our audience. >> we know those three former bachelors very well, but, again, nick has no idea, right? take a look at this picture. that's the first time all of this year's oscar nominees are together and we were inside
8:02 am
the annual oscar luncheon yesterday. emma stone and lin-manuel miranda both talking to us and revealing who they're bringing to the oscars and, michael, you're just back from houston. >> i'm back from houston, robin, and when i was there i got a chance to do something i love to do, talk with lady gaga and you all saw her incredible halftime performance. she was awesome. ♪ but as you know, it takes a lot to be in such good shape so i talked to her about that as well when i sat down. >> did you notice she looks so strong. that's the word. strong. >> yes. >> so, yes, she's been showing off her workout. we'll break it down for you. her routine. her trainer is with us to show you how to steal gaga's workout. >> all right. >> i'm sure gaga would give it to you. >> it's not really stealing it. >> no, i don't think so. just a tease. >> that's all coming up. first let's go to paula faris with the morning rundown. >> sorry if i'm distracted. nick is just around the corner. but back to news on this tuesday, the big story this morning, a landmark day in the fight over president trump's immigration order.
8:03 am
an appeals court will hear oral arguments today on whether to uphold that temporary travel ban. abc's senior white house correspondent cecilia vega has the very latest for us on this legal battle. cecilia, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, paula. good morning to you. that legal showdown happens in just a few hours. both sides have 30 minutes to make their case on that executive order restricting travel for refugees and citizens of seven muslim majority countries. so here's the split. the justice department defending the ban says it is a lawful exercise of the president's authority. the president says the nation's security is at risk. on the other side a growing chorus of opposition saying the ban threatens jobs at home and makes the country vulnerable to terror attacks. two of the three judges hearing those arguments today were appointed by democrats. these arguments will be presented at 6:00 eastern time and a decision could come any time after that. paula. >> this story to be continued. cecilia, thank you for that report. and the senate is expected to vote today on president trump's nominee for education secretary, betsy devos. democrats have been staging a
8:04 am
so-called talk-a-thon trying to convince at least one more republican to break the tie and join them in opposing her confirmation. meantime, the president's choice for labor secretary has acknowledged hiring an undocumented housekeeper. andrew puzder said he ended her employment when he learned of her status. and a very disturbing revelation from the civil war in syria. amnesty international says up to 13,000 people were secretly executed at this prison in syria in recent years. many of them civilians who opposed dictator bashar al assad. and back in this country a consumer alert involving a popular tv maker and your privacy. vizio has agreed to pay more than $2 million to settle claims that it secretly collected data on customers' viewing habits and then sold that data. vizio must delete the information as part of this settlement. and a brand of dog food is being recalled because it could
8:05 am
contain a drug that is used to euthanize pets. evanger's has pulled some of its hunk of beef can food made last year in june. at least one dog has died. our website has full details. and finally for you, president obama, he is even competitive, yes, on vacation. he and billionaire richard branson challenged one another to a kite surfing competition seeing who could stand up the longest. now, branson says mr. obama spent two days learning the basics. he was wiping out, but then look at this. he gets the hang of it and he beats him fair and square. despite all the security around, branson apparently felt comfortable grabbing the former president's throat in this photo in the heat of battle, but it's nice to see a smile on the former president's face. you know, he was a big fan of surfing before he took the oval office and secret service said, yeah, that's not going to happen for eight more years, so now he's having fun again. good to see him smile. >> he's making up for that time.
8:06 am
thank you so much. hey, how about news that goes "pop." >> thank you. thank you, robin. hi, guys. good morning, everyone. good morning to you. time now for "pop news" and we begin with award winning actress octavia spencer up for her second oscar for her role in "hidden figures." but the actress is revealing the role that she is destined to play is actually behind the scenes. she told gloria tine them at the makers conference on monday she plans, not wishes, she plans on becoming one of the biggest producers in hollywood. love that confidence. she says that she wants to continue telling stories that haven't really been told yet and produce movies that show a broader spectrum of people in the world. she is currently doing just that developing a miniseries for hbo and says she has another very big project in the pipeline. the makers conference, by the way, was kicked off with a video from hillary clinton who said and i quote, we need strong women to step up and speak out to dare greatly and lead boldly. something octavia is doing already. [ applause ]
8:07 am
>> i wouldn't count against her. >> no. >> and i heard about some of the projects she's working on, wow. >> there's one that's still sort of secret that i -- we sort of -- hearing about, and if it is that, ooh, octavia. >> you know a lot more than we do. >> george and i are like -- >> that's how we roll. we hang out with octavia. all right, valentine's day, as you know, just around the corner. everybody have a valentine in the audience? still looking? wow, ladies, listen up. so has released their annual singles in america study giving us all a glimpse of current -- the current dating status here in the u.s. according to the study which looked at the dating habits of 5,000 singles, 75% are turned off when a first date takes a phone call without explaining. that's new. in our generation -- this is a
8:08 am
millennial thing -- they don't like that. as attached as they are to their devices, they do not like it at all. 75% said that. 66% said texting on a date will land you no second date. >> who does that? >> i think -- i mean we've all seen it. everywhere you go people are attached to their phone. >> first date. >> first date. >> well, you know why, you have to text a friend that you said text me in case it's an emergency and i have to get out of here. >> are you telling on yourself? >> no. >> i've done that. >> and you explain that and wonder why they get mad. >> the survey said also social media is a double-edged sword and helps get intel on someone you might be interested in but 58% of people are passing on those complainers on facebook. if you're not positive or if you're not upbeat, you're out. >> makes sense. >> so, a major no is also no voting. more than 40% said they would vote you off their island if you didn't use your voice in the election. >> wow. >> so, some really cool stats. >> i know. i have the best audience right here. i'm just going to talk to you.
8:09 am
and then finally -- >> by the way, he smells good. >> oh, wow. >> yeah. just saying. you do. you do. i know. >> it's a real love fest. >> here's george and i again. >> it's all yours. come on. [ applause ] he's going to do it. take the last one. come on. >> there you go. >> hi. >> this is my friend. >> welcome. what's your name? >> hi. i'm dmitri. >> hi, dmitri, welcome to "good morning america." >> oh. seriously? [ cheers and applause ] >> so, welcome to "pop news." this is the last time. this is a good one, george. i think we all know christie brinkley, right? >> oh, i like this. >> so, wonderful woman. gorgeous gal, as you know. the last time she posed in the "sports illustrated"
8:10 am
issue, she was 30 years old. we were supposed to wait to show this. get ready for her comeback 33 years later and there it is or there it was. she's not posing alone either. those are her daughters, you guys. 63 years young. she is and those are her two daughters, alexa ray joel and 18-year-old sailor cook. she instagrammed about her return to the "sports illustrated" swimsuit issue saying that it was her girls who convinced her to pose and she also said you'll notice in -- can you guys put up the still again, please? you'll notice in the still picture, okay, the one of the three girls, there you go. my kids think i walk on water so don't mention the apple box concealed just under the surface. she also thanks "sports illustrated" for sending the message that good things come in packages of all sizes and shapes and do not come with an expiration date. [ cheers and applause ] >> i do. >> we agree. >> they all look fantastic, by the way. i mean, honestly, it takes -- it takes a lot of bravery to do that, period, no matter what your age is and then for her -- that's amazing. looks incredible.
8:11 am
>> so nice to see. >> dmitri, how are you doing over there? >> i'm well. i just said -- i just said, oh, where's mine? robin is going to go. >> you can do it. >> okay. coming up, nick viall is here live for our bachelor blow-out. >> after last night's jaw-dropping episode. >> and we've got three surprise guests. he has no idea who is here! >> oh, my gosh. >> we love this guy. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by the fast, powerful cough relief of robitussin because it's never just a cough. ♪ all i see is you
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ask your doctor about entresto. and help make the gift of tomorrow possible. we are back now with prince william's powerful words about mental health and how he handles feeling overwhelmed. abc's lama hasan is in london, has the latest on this very important story. good morning, lama.
8:16 am
>> reporter: and good morning to you, robin. yes, overnight prince william making the case for mental health in a passionate and revealing speech, the prince talked about his own experiences as an air ambulance pilot and all those serious issues he witnessed. prince william speaking out about mental health and how he copes saying that his boss at his high octane air job encouraged him to open up about his feelings. >> every member of the crew is actively encouraged to admit when we're being overwhelmed or unable to cope, whether because of work or something in our home life. >> reporter: speaking to health journalists, the prince showcasing his message about the stigma surrounding mental health by personalizing the issue saying everyone faces struggles. >> my employer, i'm proud to say, knows about the value of normalizing mental health. this should be the norm. >> the message that he was trying to get across is even a prince, even he as an air ambulance pilot will be facing these problems. >> reporter: the prince's previously revealed that he's felt, quote, dark and sad
8:17 am
moments while racing to save lives. last night making the case that the only way to get through it is to be honest about it. >> suicide is the biggest killer of men under 40 in this country. there's only ever been silence and this has to stop. this silence is killing good people. >> reporter: william describing that the support of this cause has been a gradual awakening over the years for not just him but also harry and kate. their time spent with so many vulnerable young people who are homeless, unemployed or struggling led them to realize mental health was a serious and important issue to support. now, whether it's through harry's work with veterans or kate's work with children and young families, the powerful message from the royal trio is this, mental health needs to be talked about and it needs to be destigmatized. >> amen to that. lama, thank you so much. >> that was just stunning, the leading cause of death of men under 40 in britain is suicide. >> that gets your attention and
8:18 am
that family is really doing something. coming up, we have lady gaga's fitness secrets. the workout that got her in shape for the super bowl. ♪ whoa oh ♪ , doing with purpose. at quaker, for over 140 years, we've known good is made. from the potential that started with the humble oat to the innovative spirit within our people, we've been thoughtfully crafting, perfecting, to bring what's truly good to your table. so, while everyone's getting back to what's good, we were always here. quaker -- we are the good we make. c(puppy barks) you can do it duck. hurry up duck! you can do it duck. iams. helps keep your dog healthy at every stage. so you can always look forward to what's next. your smile says (brett) my ta lot about you,
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from nick make it better, don't they? you know, we're just talking about this. mike, right, from illinois, you are a skier? >> snowboarder. >> a snowboarder. what about this, are you a shovel racer? because we have pictures from new mexico, angel fire resort. they're actually shovel racing. who needs skis or snowboards. right? really cool images there. let's get a good morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nico. look at the wind whipped rain at the bay bridge toll plaza. we've had gusted up to 50 miles per hour. another storm for thursday and friday. not as strong. the storm is still three on our impact scale. flooding in the north bay and rock slides in the santa cruz mountains. still, moderate to high for the rest of us. all right. paula faris is here joining me.
8:23 am
we're going that talk about lady gaga's fits in secrets. the star rocked the super bowl halftime show and i got a chance to speak with her about how she's getting in shape or how she got in shape before that big performance and, paula, you have more on her workout. >> looks like you might have taken a page. you're looking great. lady gaga has said she does not believe in lip-syncing so, yeah, she was singing, she was dancing simultaneously during that epic super bowl performance but, michael, how did she build up the stamina? by talking and singing during her workouts. lady gaga displaying incredible acts of athleticism with twists and turns wowing the world with her nonstop routine. ♪ for the last several months the star tirelessly working on both her body and vocals at the same time. sharing her routine on social media from morning yoga to late
8:24 am
night ab exercises. her trainer even posting this photo of her pregame warm-up using trx straps. ♪ i'm beautiful >> reporter: her workout arsenal pushing her performance and stamina on the stage giving her the strength to hit those notes and just dance. ♪ >> susane pata is a group fitness instructor from crunch and she's going to show us how to train like a star. welcome, susane. >> thank you. >> we've seen lady gaga. she is singing while doing her cardio. demi low separate vato is singin the treadmill so are -- do they help and is it something we can do? >> they do help and you can do it yourself. when you're singing you're projecting so you almost are forced into this upright posture and as you're singing you're activating your core and getting stronger. it's like planking but more fun because you're singing and anybody can do it. you don't have to be a great
8:25 am
singer. if you find yourself alone and belt out a tune, you'll get stronger. >> alone is key. i don't want to be at the gym and you're singing. >> you can go running with friends and talk to them but i'm usually passed out. i can't talk anymore. >> that's a good point. running and talking to your friends. we saw lady gaga with the trx bands warming up before her performance. what exactly was she doing? >> lady gaga is impressive. she looks to me she was doing a trx row. >> you're a master instructor at this. >> i am, yes, so the trx row is basically you're using your body weight and lean back and start moving the body by squeezing the shoulder blades and releasing. want to make it tougher, step forward and it's a little tougher because you're using more body weight. >> my husband ordered these straps. they came in the mail. i wasn't sure what they were for and i was relieved when he put them in the gym. i had no idea. like this. >> yeah. >> oh, boy. >> trx bands. >> i don't even know what to say. but i'm glad that's what this is for. >> got to keep it spicy. >> that's it. exactly.
8:26 am
>> and gaga told me she uses the versa climber and she sings while she's on the versa climber. >> that's amazing. >> everybody doesn't have a versa climber. it's not a cheap piece of equipment. what can you do to get the same results? >> if you don't have one you can mimic the movement, not replicate it but mimic the movement down on the ground. so the versa climber, you have one arm moving and the other leg and you're moving cont contralaterally. and if you want to make it tougher, add elastic bands or put towels underneath so you can add on more complexity. >> susane, great job. paula, great job. fly to new york city, stay in a hotel, get $500 spending cash and see one of music's hottest acts performing live on "gma." well, just go to to find out how to enter. "gma's" concert sweepstakes presented by belvita. "gma's" concert sweepstakes presented by belvita.
8:27 am
good morning to you. right now we need to tell you about a school closure because of the weather. the guernville school district will be closed. marin county, high school district schools, centfield, ross school district, tam union school district and sausalito marin city district. college of marin has cloedsed two campuses, they're kenfield
8:28 am
campus swel campus as well as the indian valley campus. >> what's going on? let's talk about the flash flood warning that is out there for marin county. the sirens, if you live in that area you probably heard them go off at 7:00 this morning. the fire department issued that warning. now, the fairfax town hall had three to four inches of rain already flooding them. whenever there is a flash flood warning, that means evacuate to higher ground immediately. because it's a life threatening situation. same thing for the san lorenzo river near felton. we have a flash flood warning for just about the entire napa valley. so those areas that always flood when we have heavy rain. that's going to continue until 1:15. here's a look at what's going on just to your west in sonoma. you can see a flood warning there until 12:00. that means flooding is happening. we have flooding also from petalu petaluma. it's going to continue until
8:29 am
2:15. here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see we have still plenty of light rain out there, steady rain and moderate at times. it will let up later on this afternoon. >> good information, thank you.
8:30 am
welcome back to "gma," everybody. and as you can see from the applause we have an incredible okay. taking a look at the roads. we have all kinds of crashes as you can imagine. we have 145 incidents total right now. so just in an incredibly awful morning on the roads. our biggest sig alert is on 580 on the san raphael bridge. they're trying to upright the tractor trailer that flipped over. we've got major delays that have spilled over on to 101. a parking lot all the way back
8:31 am
up north of 37. flooding included in that total as are mud slides. here's a look outside emeryville. our camera shaking around as you head towards the maze. tough commute for drive times. 10-20inant delays right now for b.a.r.t. it sounds like they're not stopping at mcarthur station. we've had a tree down, power loss this morning. expect major delays there. and most san francisco bay ferry trips have been canceled all due to the weather. >> you've been busy, i know, thank you so much. you can stay on top of every weather alert with the abc news app. enable push alerts and track live doppler 7 exactly where you live. the news continues now with good morning america. that's not how i remember it? t's not >> no, i mean for the most part. i mean, there's a lot you just don't get to see just because of time constraints. >> and the girls are talking without you.
8:32 am
they're being interviewed. so you're probably learning a lot. >> yes and no. there's always a couple lines that are always kind of interesting, but for the most part it's not like, oh, my god, i didn't know who this person was. why, is there someone who -- >> no, we really got you stressed. why don't we catch everybody up with what happened last night. because it was a lot. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: it was one of the most dramatic episodes in bachelor history. >> i just feel like it might be time and best time to say good-bye. >> reporter: nick sending home not one -- >> i wish nothing but the best for you. >> reporter: not two. >> i'm sorry and i hope i'm not screwing this all up. >> reporter: but three women with no warning and no rose ceremony. jasmine melting down on the group date. whitney left behind on the two-on-one and danielle l. sent home after admitting she's falling in love, all before the rose ceremony where three more women were sent home. >> i want to be honest and real with you guys. >> reporter: an emotional roller coaster for the bachelor himself. and losing hope finding the
8:33 am
right one. >> right now i just feel like terrified that it's not going to happen. so, i don't know if i can keep doing this. >> i need to get out of here. >> he's gone. >> no. >> reporter: bachelor nation shocked by nick's choices. no one more surprised than these fans. >> i don't think i've ever seen an episode where literally every single girl goes to a separate part of the island to cry. >> nick flying into new york city monday night and surprising one of the most intense watch parties in the city. >> what up, guys? >> reporter: and our own bachelor super fan ginger was there for the big moment. >> can you explain why everyone cried at the volleyball game? >> in separate areas. >> yeah. >> i mean, you kind of saw it a little bit. at that point -- >> shots were fired.
8:34 am
>> reporter: posing for this picture with bachelor nation and now nick here live in times square for a surprise of his own. [ cheers and applause ] >> and, you know, as we can see, this show, it really is an emotional roller coaster for you. we see tears. we see all those things. you have 30 women. you have to be vulnerable to those 30 but you're also vulnerable to america. is that intimidating at all? >> yes and no. i mean, the idea of it like when you talk about it, it's like, wow, that is -- >> you just block it out. >> in the moment you really don't think about it and are trying to focus on the women in front of you and you're trying to focus on those relationships and the last thing you're thinking about is someone is going to watch this which i think is important because if you're doing that it's hard to really be yourself. it's really hard to make decisions that really could potentially affect the rest of your life. so, the last thing you need to be thinking about is stuff like that. >> well, it's got to be tough to psych yourself up for all of those dates, but we have
8:35 am
discovered some video of how we believe that you do just that. can we roll that video? ♪ >> yeah. that actually is before a date. ♪ i don't need you anymore ♪ i don't need you anymore ♪ oh >> wow. >> does anyone else not love cher? >> no. see, that's why we love you. no, the answer is no, 100%. >> you're open, man, you're open to the world. you know, you surprised the ladies at last night's watch party. so, we got a little surprise for you too, my friend. >> that makes me nervous. >> first up, we first met this person in 2003, and now he's living happily ever after with three kids. do you see anyone in the audience that sounds like this? >> am i supposed to look now? >> yeah. >> who sounds like that, like that would be him, three --
8:36 am
>> oh, is that mr. andrew firestone? >> yes, season three bachelor. andrew firestone. come on up, andrew. >> how are you? >> great. >> hi. good to see you. >> hi. >> we're not done yet. another surprise. >> bachelor number two. >> you look a little more relieved that it's the guys coming up here. >> that's fine. >> this one fell in love with a lovely lady named molly and even got married on tv. any guesses? >> is he also -- >> he's in the audience. >> he's in the audience. >> this way? >> i'm going to help you. >> oh, jason, jason. >> jason mesnick. [ applause ] what's up, jason? >> hi. how are you? >> bachelor mystery. >> and finally, your hearts were broken by the same bachelorette but now with lauren he's part of a new duet. >> oh, okay. ben. >> come on out, ben higgins. [ applause ]
8:37 am
>> thanks for coming, man. >> hi, guys. >> hi. >> thanks for being here. hey, ben. >> how is it going? >> so, bachelor nation very happy to see all of you all here. we know that you guys understand obviously what nick is going through better than any of us. what is harder, what was harder for you guys, doing it or reliving it on tv? >> reliving it on tv. i mean, as embarrassing as it is to see yourself on tv, if i do a voice mail and it sounds awkward, that's bad enough. imagine watching yourself kiss on tv and have your mom watch it so definitely harder. >> with all these girls on tv. that's more awkward for me. i'm sorry. >> and ben. >> i think definitely watching it back. and with me i had lauren by my side, so she's then having to watch it back and then i'm getting phone calls like, you do this? >> explaining. >> no, i never did that. >> yeah, he did. all right, so we have a lightning round game for you guys. >> yes. >> it is -- we have paddles for you. they're right next to your seat.
8:38 am
there you go. grab your paddle and it's called -- well, if you've never done something, you have to answer no way, rose say. if you have, the other side says yes, bae. so the game is yes, bae or no way, rose. >> i got that. >> all right. so here we go. lightning round. have you ever sang to a date? we know you like to sing. >> have you ever sang to a date? >> have you ever sang to a date? yes, bae or no way, rose? >> yes. >> all right, done. >> how does the date go after the singing? >> not great. i was single before i became the bachelor. >> have you ever injured yourself while trying to impress a girl? >> my pride. >> yes. >> yes. >> it was a boating accident. >> i spent three months doing that, embarrassing myself. >> you injured your pride. >> injured my pride, yeah. i mean, you guys didn't see my season. my pride was stepped on. >> i actually remember your season very, very well. it was a good one. >> i wasn't born yet. >> ah. hey.
8:39 am
>> when i was in here earlier, someone is like, look, there's ben's dad. no, ben's dad is here. they thought i was like an uncle or something like that. >> have you ever given a girl a fake number? yes, bae or no way, rose. >> no way, rose. >> look who's thinking. they wonder why he's been on four times. >> that was mean. >> oh, no. we love you. >> i don't think i have. i'm a pretty direct guy. >> i think it's happening for you this time. i'm feeling a lot of positive love energy. >> thank you. >> do you guys feel like it's going to happen? >> yes. >> going to do it. >> all right. >> good juju. >> here's something for all of you. have you ever been yelled at by chris harrison? >> can i hold up -- can i hold up a thing too? >> he yelled at you too? >> yeah, what about in the moment when he's playing the boss? >> he kind of stays behind the scenes. he gives a lot of advice but he won't like get up in your grill if you're doing something wrong. >> he got up in my grill before.
8:40 am
>> really? >> oh, yeah, when i didn't kiss molly when he wanted me to kiss molly actually. >> do any of you have any quick advice for how to make it last? you've been married and kids. >> i would say figure out somebody that you can share a bathroom with. that's the most important thing. the rest of your life you'll be sharing a bathroom with somebody. make sure you find that person >> that's beautiful, andrew. >> it's actually really helpful and specific. >> jason. >> i have a question, for me it was getting out of the spotlight and going to seattle. the most famous person in seattle is our weatherman, so like nobody is following people around. >> yep, that's nice, and ben? >> i'm watching the season. i don't know if you chose anybody or not, but if you did, just be really honest as soon as possible because at some level they'll be watching it back. that's how you make things work afterwards. >> that's really great advice. >> they're there for you. >> we got to be honest. we're honestly appreciative of you being here today. thank you so much.
8:41 am
you can see a new episode of "the bachelor" monday at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. and coming up, we're going one-on-one with the oscar nominees. stay right there. anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr
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and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. we'rebut maybe we've had it wrong all along. maybe our most extraordinary moments happen when we feel small. princess cruises, come back new.
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♪ well i say oh what a beautiful morning yeah ♪
8:44 am
♪ yes what a wonderful day ♪ i've got a beautiful feeling ♪ everything is going my way ♪ she said oh what a beautiful morning ♪ ♪ yes what a wonderful day ♪ i got a beautiful feeling ♪ i got everything i got everything i got everything whoo everything is going my way ♪ >> good morning, america. a lot of news to get to. ♪ i got everything going my way, my way ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ray charles himself.
8:45 am
the soundtrack to our morning. we just want to say how thankful we are to spend each and every morning with you. together with you and around here that's why we get up and do what we do and that's why we say thank you. >> we are grateful it's put to a ray charles soundtrack. you look better when ray charles are singing to me. >> oh. >> makes you feel good. that's how i feel every morning looking at you all. >> ah. >> i'm so happy when everybody comes here and so enthusiastic and people love this show and it's because of the personalities and the fact that i think everyone here sincerely loves each other. [ applause ] >> very blessed. >> well, you know what this morning is, we continue to count down to that little thing called the oscars. yeah. i can't believe it's just a few weeks away. all of hollywood's biggest stars gathered for the annual nominees luncheon on monday and you know
8:46 am
who was there, chris connelly went one-on-one with them behind the scenes. here's a look. >> reporter: from the sitdown meal to the class photo, monday's academy award luncheon a chance for this year's nominees to get their mingle on. >> justin timberlake came up and he was like, i really loved you in "moonlight." i was like, oh, my gosh, i used to listen to you when i was a child and you're here. >> reporter: from "loving." >> we may lose the small battles but win the big war. >> reporter: to "lion." oscar first timers feeling particularly thrilled. >> this is extraordinary. so you have to sort of take a moment to sort of drink it all in and appreciate it because it was glorious. >> to be surrounded by such icons you feel like a young kid again. it's amazing. >> reporter: as february 25th draws near, these nominees won't be alone on oscar night. >> my brother is coming with me to the ceremony. my one and only sibling is getting taken along with me. and he's a real -- he's a
8:47 am
champion. >> bring my mom as my date as a thrill. we used to watch the oscars every year together. >> could you ever have imagined someday while you were watching the oscars you'd be here with my mom. >> my mom always knew. my mom always said when you get nominated, i'm your date. i think she said it to me when i was 13. i'm very happy to keep my word to her. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris conley, abc news, beverly hills. [ applause ] >> that is a consolation. >> less than three weeks away. ginger, you got a special guest. >> i do. look who is here with me. connie britton. well, february is for a reason. february is american heart month and "nashville" star connie britton not only here but a spokesperson for our sponsor quaker and you have an important message because heart disease, especially for women in america, number one killer. why is it so important to you? >> well, i really like to advocate for women and i think a lot of people don't know what a huge risk this is for women and, you know, women are very
8:48 am
frequently the heart of the family. they take care of everybody but they don't take care of themselves so i really want to encourage women, take care of yourselves. get your hearts checked. because you can do preventive things. >> like a heart healthy screen. you had one recently. >> i did. i had a healthy screening. so simple. you can do it at your next physical. take the time to get a physical. get your heart checked. there's simple things you can do to take care of yourself. >> i saw a statistic, 80% basically preventible. the number is huge because activity, change in habits. what are some of the other things? >> you know, exercise, and you don't have to exercise every day. i'm a mom. i know. i don't have time. but i try to exercise when i can and really eating well is such a huge part of it too. >> so grateful you're here. thanks for being on "nashville." we love it. good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nico. the heaviest part of the storm is through about noon. it starts to taper a little bit
8:49 am
by 4:00. and light rain in your 12 hour day planner. we have rounds all right, everybody. we
8:50 am
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back now on "gma," today the verizon foundation is kicking off their we need more campaign. millions of kids in america lack the proper tools when it comes to learning about science and technology. >> you know stem is my jam. this is big to me, michael. our sponsor verizon is aiming to change all that with their $160 million campaign aimed at equipping students and teachers to access to technology and resources. [ applause ] >> i have pride. i choose to be responsible. >> i choose to be responsible. >> when i grow up i want to be a technical engineer. >> i want to be a cardiologist. >> the bright minds of tomorrow. >> i've made a translator app that can translate.
8:52 am
>> mentored by the bright minds of today. >> he's taught me the value in teaching young people. >> at texas southern university. >> we start by adding a curve angle over this. >> reporter: these exceptional houston area middle school students are taking computer classes as part of a mentoring program run by the verizon foundation. the university is also the alma mater for our very own michael strahan who surprised the kids with a special message. >> everybody, michael strahan. it wasn't that long ago i was sitting right there at tsu. i was studying, playing a little football too. go, tigers, yes, to acknowledge and celebrate all that you have accomplished, "gma" and the verizon foundation want to take you on a field trip. why are you sitting there? get up. let's go. >> reporter: for these students of s.t.e.m., science, technology, engineering and math, this was a field trip made for them. heading to downtown houston, the heart of super bowl festivities where verizon engineers showed them all the latest technology for both play and security.
8:53 am
>> we have 39 cameras throughout the entire area. >> and then another big surprise guest. joining with the verizon foundation to launch their new campaign. >> i want you to welcome the quarterback for the new orleans saints, drew brees. >> how are you all? >> all: good. >> when i'm on the sideline and i come off, i'm immediately looking at a tablet and looking at the plays that we just ran on the field. so if it weren't for the people designing those programs to make it happen then i wouldn't be able to have the success that we have as a team. >> the campaign that we're launching across the nation is titled we need more because we need more kids to understand how they can engage and need more technology immersive curriculum in our schools. each of you are going to get a signed football from him. >> that's right. >> reporter: and from these future leaders a heartfelt thanks. >> good mentor to me. kind of like a brother. >> he was always there. >> i look up to him because he's a really good man.
8:54 am
♪ ♪
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good morning to you. we do have some school closures in marin county to tell you about. all high school districts are closed. kentfield, ross school district, tam union, sausalito, college of marins has closed two campuses. there'several closures in sonoma county. we have all of it on the abc 7 news app and abc7 let's get over to mike nicco. >> let me give you the latest i have on the napa river at st. helena. it's reaching crest three feet above flood stage. that flooding will continue until 3:00. they're talking about the northern part of napa valley
9:00 am
being inpassable. the flash flood warning continues for fairfax creek, entire area you see in marin county until 11:15. we have one for the san lorenzo river and santa cruz mountains until 3:30. napa valley reports of flooded roads and mud slides. this is just urban flooding. sonoma creek, it's flooding around shellville. petaluma has been flooding all morning. let's take a look at live doppler 7. we're transitioning to lighter rain. every once in a while we get some yellows. i think the heaviest of the storm is just about over. we still have very high concerns for hydroplaning, creek and stream flooding and trees down in the north bay and santa cruz mountains. to a lesser extent for the rest of the bay area. flash flood


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